I had to take the AP Physics test again, which was scary as hell cause I haven't touched physics in 2 years. Stuart Davis was shipped in a big wooden crate to play a concert for us as a post-AP test prize. Talia was off practicing, and I was hoping she'd come back soon because I know she lurves Stuart Davis. He was about 5'4" and pale and had blond hair. He played a mandolin. I had my mandolin with me, but one of the E strings was broken (like it is in real life). Talia came back and I all but ran her over trying to tell her that Stuart Davis was playing. She was so not excited. She was like, "You almost knocked me over for that?!" She had gotten a haircut and her hair wasn't any longer than the bottom of her earlobe. When Stuart Davis was done playing, he rode a bigwheel up a ramp back into his crate to be shipped back to wherever he came from. Then Talia and I went to eat at a huge buffet and I got a milk shake. When I went to sit down, I found that she had run away and I couldn't find her. So I went and sat with a bunch of Hispanic truckers.
I just checked Stuart Davis' website to see what he looks like. I clicked on some of the show dates and under "Information" they say, "Leave your pants at home." Odd, that.

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Taaalia said...

Hahaha. Best dream ever. Isn't Stuart Davis so not 5'4" with pale blonde hair?

P.S. That permalink you left me finally worked and HAHA it is you.

P.P.S. I've been playing the mandolin like crazy in the last 24 hours and it's FRICKIN FUN.