I overheard these two people having an argument in the hall outside. I guess it was a girl and her boyfriend. And the guy said "fuck" or "shit" like every other word, which is awesome and such an indicator of intelligence (lack thereof, actually). He's like "You said you were fuckin gonna change this shit" and she's all "sighhhh" and he's all "If you're gonna just fuckin walk away I'm fuckin leaving, word" and then I think she threw something at him, and then he walks away and she stomps after him. (I watched this through my peephole.) I love overhearing other people's arguments.

Update: They walked by again. He's like "come back, come back, so are we gonna fuckin take some time apart or what?" and she's like "I 'unno" and he's like "I don't wanna fuckin have to compete with the 15 fucking hundred other fucking guys" and now she's crying. And the guy has like a southern accent kind of, like North Carolina, and he's trying to do one of those BEV accents that he probably sees on MTV. And it's awesome. I love other people's drama.

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