I had a terrible dream that I found a pedophile/ephebophile. Here goes:
I went to American Eagle, and I was perusing the store and walked towards the back. There was a TV screen, hidden for the most part by racks of merchandise that needed to be put away. I was just looking at the clothes, and then this old-ish Japanese man (the manager) came up to me. He was wearing a straw hat, a Hawaiian shirt, and orange swim trunks. He said that only 15-year-olds could see what was playing on the tv screen. I lied that I was 18 (I don't know why), and would he like to see my ID? He said no. Anyway, I never did see what was on the TV--I figured if there was an age limit, I probably wouldn't want to see it. I went to go pay for whatever I decided to buy, and he mentioned something to one of his co-workers about how 16-year-olds were sexy. I went home and went to the American Eagle website. You could look up individual stores, and I did, and on the site for his store, there was a motif at the top of the page. It was like artist mannequins split in half at the waist, and the tops and bottoms were scattered randomly across the top of the page. The bottom parts had penises, and I hovered my mouse on one. All of the store stuff faded away, and some videos came up. I became really scared, so I called my otolaryngologist to figure out what to do. I told him everything, and I thought he would call the police for me, but he didn't. He came over to my house, looked at the website (the videos were definitely evidence that the guy was a pedophile), and tried to exit the page. You needed a password to be able to exit that particular page. He told me he couldn't call the police because he was waiting for the results from some brain scan, but he would stay with me while I called.

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