So Talia reported that she saw someone crying...this particular someone would be a person I used to be friends with, but lately she's been acting like I don't exist. I can't bring myself to feel sympathetic at all for this girl. She and her boyfriend are attached at the hip, yet last month she told me that their relationship was meh and he was nothing special. Which explains why she's with him all the time? And she can't come down to a meal with me and not be with him for 15 minutes...she needs to wait those 15 minutes for him to get back so they can walk down the stairs together. And only then will they come eat with me, sometimes, but they'll ignore me and talk to each other and be cutesy and stupid and boring. Awesome. This same someone asked if I'd like to live with her next year, and when I said I needed 24 hours to ask my parents about getting an apartment, she took that to mean that she should sign a lease without me and not tell me until after the fact. This same someone only ever talks to me when she complains about her roommates. And these aren't legitimate gripes, either. She gets so uptight about the stupidest things. So maybe I'm glad that an uptight self-serving bitch isn't my friend. But why do I feel like crap?

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