So on Tuesday I studied a lot for my Hinduism test on Wednesday. And damn if all that studying didn't pay off. My studying habits usually follow one of two patterns: 1) I don't study very much at all, and do well; or 2) I study a lot and don't do well. It was nice to have my work pay off, though.

I have my French Civ midterm tomorrow. Last time I really didn't study that much at all, but I got a 67/70. So you can imagine my incentive to study isn't very high.

Talia and I went to Steak & Shake tonight, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I feel like 10 lbs heavier and generally unhealthy. I've eaten healthy like all this week, like seriously salads every day. So this shouldn't be too bad, but still.

You know those Five Star notebooks, and how their covers aren't paper or cardboard, but plastic? Imagine slicing your finger on one of those. I did it, and it went deep. So I wore a band-aid all last night and most of today and now my finger is white and wrinkly and smells funny.

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