I bought a set of Spongebob underwear to turn Steve on. He loved it. He was wearing a pair of American flag boxers, but underneath he had on a thong. I told him it was sexy even though in my mind I said "EW" because thongs on men are gross. Then I put on a pair of American flag boxers, and we had a good laugh because we were wearing matching boxers.
Then Kirstin and I went to this party. It was kind of like a celebration or recognition of something, so it wasn't like a college house party. She looked 21, and was able to get us alcohol (there was an open bar). My ear/nose/throat doctor was at the party, and he lectured me about drinking. Every time he turned his head, I took a drink, but he immediately caught me and made me feel guilty each time. After that, I had to drive back to school. I had a Segway scooter and I promised my parents that I could make it back on that. I only made it halfway, and I was immediately transported back to my house, where my parents were a little miffed that they had to drive me back.

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