My computer won't turn on. At all. It was working fine, and then I got in the car to come back to school, and when I got to school it wouldn't work. So I called Toshiba, and thankfully I have a good extended warranty. And this guy's going to call me tomorrow and set up an appointment time when he can fix my computer. I hope I don't have to wait until Friday--that's the day I'm the most free. I hope he can get out here like tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday or Wednesday or something.

So for now I'm stuck in the hellish computer lab. I have to listen to stupid people teach other stupid people about quadratic equations, and I have to deal with a computer with a crummy keyboard where the keys require an extra effort to depress. And I feel completely lost without my bookmarks folder.

This morning I bought four new books. I started reading Augusten Burroughs' Running with Scissors. I just finished Magicial Thinking by him and I really liked it. Since I didn't have a computer as a distraction, I read basically for 3 straight hours. I have about 65 pages left. This is what my life was like in 6th grade, just uninterrupted reading. I don't think I mind it. It takes my mind off of school.

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