The agony...

Day two of not having a functioning laptop. I got a call from Toshiba, and they're sending me some parts, and I should get them tomorrow. And when I get them, I'm supposed to call and set up an appt for a guy to come out and fix it. I can't wait.

I've been reading a lot since my computer went down. I read all of Running with Scissors yesterday. Today I started Barrel Fever by David Sedaris. It's really good. I'm thinking that when I get my computer fixed, I'll keep it off for most of the afternoon so I can get stuff done.

So I don't get to see Steve this weekend. We've been really spoiled; I've seen him at least once a week ever since before Thanksgiving. So that sucks. And then next week I have two tests and a 15-minute presentation. I'm kind of embracing my sanity while I still have it; I expect it to be fully gone by Saturday.

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