I went to West Lafayette and saw everyone from elementary school.
     I got a phone call from someone I used to be friends with and she said she was serving in the army and she was going to be deployed to Iraq within a few days.
     I was riding the bus and people were playing Risk on it (à la Seinfeld) and I couldn't get by. I started bitching about how I pay for the service and I'd like to be able to use it, and the bus driver said technically I didn't pay for it.
     I went back to the Settlement and my mom and one other employee were having a debate about which fruits had seeds.
     Alex didn't want to go to IFV. I came over to his apartment because he sounded sick, and he was getting a massage from a girl who looked like Kylie Minogue.
     I was going to give Sarah Vowell's sister a ride home from a seminar, but she decided to hang out with her sister instead. I wanted to hang out with Sarah Vowell as well, because that would be badass, but they told me it was a sisters-only thing.

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