Ze Frank was having a costume party. I didn't find out about it until the last minute, but I wanted to go. I bought a bright green spandex unitard and bent my body into the tetris piece that looks like a cross. They let me in--I was actually surprised at that. The guests were a mix of celebrities (like Jeffrey Tambor) and my friends from HS. Elliott Yamin (third place on the most recent American Idol) was there, but he was just a regular guy that I knew from class. I kind of had a crush on him, and he seemed to be paying a little bit of attention to me, too. We were hanging out with a third friend, so I couldn't make any moves. This third friend had to go home early, and then Elliott wanted to walk me home in the rain.

And that's where it ended. Sigh. I didn't actually see Ze Frank at his party, so: sad. You know that if Ze Frank had a costume party, it'd be the baddest thing ever and all the costumes would be amazing.

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