I went to France to live with my host family. They had two silky terriers, and I was saying how they made me miss Kelsey.

While I was dreaming, I was aware that this was a dream because I was speaking French quickly and effortlessly, and that doesn't happen in real life. Heh.

Random thing that irritates me #936:
When women say, "I'm a real woman and I have real curves." Usually the ones saying this are overweight. As if my curves aren't real because I'm a size 4. I understand them wanting to feel attractive and everything, but why does it have to be with the implied jab at thinner women? I've found that women are much more cruel to other women about looks than men are. Men seem to prefer more normal-sized women, whereas it's women perpetuating the "thin is beautiful" stereotype. (Anecdote: Shania Twain was performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl. I was at my friend's house. His mom and her friend were saying how Shania's thighs were so fat. Her thighs were in fact quite normal-sized, but their size was enhanced by some poorly-chosen thigh-high stiletto boots. Anyone's thighs would look fat in those.) This is a horrifying thought--what are we doing to our daughters, sisters, friends? It sickens me. I'd like for women of all sizes to stop caring about what size they are and what size other women are. A pipe dream, I know. But we can at least cut back on the negative comments.

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