I was making a documentary of Larry David's quest to write a book. He had to go to Chicago to do this strange Halloween trip. He was partnered up with a middle-aged short Jewish woman who really liked cats. They were driving into the city on a very complicated elevated highway system, not unlike the combination of downtown Seattle and a roller coaster. After one had finally arrived on Lake Shore Drive, many people stopped to catch their bearings and occasionally vomit.

This dream might have been inspired by the 8 episodes per day of Curb Your Enthusiasm I've been watching since my computer broke. Just a guess.

I started taking vitamins last night to make my hair grow faster. I've been wanting long hair for a while now and I'm really sick of this in-between phase. I want to get rid of these crappy layers as well. Since my hair grows in three dimensions, it'll take forever to happen unless I take matters into my own hands. I read online that this one girl's particular combination of vitamins made her hair grow 1.5" per month. I'd love that, because then I could actually see some growth.

My Polish film professor hates Eddie Cantor and on Friday he made us watch a film clip and now I, too, hate Eddie Cantor.

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