After a summer of not doing anything, I finally decided on a topic for my thesis: Globalization of French cinema with a special focus on Michel Gondry, and secondary focuses on Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Olivier Assayas if I need more stuff to write on. I was worried of getting stuck with some meh films (cinemeh, hee), but I've been obsessed with Gondry for a while (and he has a new film coming out in 2 weeks!), so this should be good. I've had a long time to cultivate ideas, so it'll be nice to investigate them and flesh them out. Now I have delusions of grandeur: I want to be published. I want to say something really innovative and clever, and I want to be published. Heh. Ask me how that's going December 1st when I find myself trying to write 25 pages in 2 days.

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