At this point in my life I'm pretty much ready to give up all personal relationships except for my sister. I'm glad she's been around this summer, because she spends time with me and listens to me. Everyone else? Not so much. I'm really frustrated by the way that everyone else has been treating me. I can only take so much. I'll be interested to see if I make any effort to make friends fall semester, or when I'm in France, or when I go to grad school, or ever... I've been let down again and again by people who were supposed to be my friends, and I don't know why I kept giving them chances. I'm not so naïve anymore. I want someone to come along and restore my faith in humanity, but I'm not holding my breath. Getting treated like shit constantly is starting to wear me down to the point where I feel like an alternative doesn't exist. I don't even bother opening up to people because it's been proven to me that no one cares. Ugh...I don't know what to do. I feel terrible all of the time because of my thyroid and sleep disorders, I'm being worked to the bone at home and at school, and I have no emotional support whatsoever.

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Taaalia said...

Sorry I haven't been around this week, with the lack of internet. And that things didn't work with coming up to visit (my mom basically killed that one). And that I've been whining to you about my personal problems. And that I've been a bad friend. I know I'm leaving in a week, but if you need to talk about something, or yell at someone, or ANYTHING, I would be glad to listen/receive. I owe it to you for letting me bitch and moan about my problems so much, anyhow.