Talia and I went to a sushi restaurant with one of her friends and a guy from one of my classes. Talia and her friend were speaking Japanese, and so I remarked to the guy that it was good that I had him there so I didn't feel left out. He said, "Um, I'm half-Japanese," like I was an idiot for not knowing, and started talking to them in Japanese. The waiter came to take our orders. He brought over a big bowl of miso soup as an appetizer, and he was bending over far enough that the ends of his ponytail were getting dipped in the soup. I made a joke about Talia, but then I thought it was too mean, so I touched her hand as I apologized. The waiter chastized me, saying that it's very bad manners to touch anyone at a Japanese dinner table. Talia and the two other people looked very annoyed.
     I got frustrated and left, deciding to walk around town. I ran into my mom, who had been doing something for work. We went home together, and for some reason she was being really snotty and bitchy to me. I found out my parents had been hiding someone in our basement.
     I was flying to Paris with another guy from one of my classes. The inside of our airplane looked like the interior of an old van, the kind with 2 rows of bench seats. The pilots were doing crossword puzzles, and one actually got very airsick.

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Taaalia said...

Hahahahahahahahaha you touched my hand.