It wasn't truly allergy season until last night: I finally rubbed my nose so hard that I got my annual blister inside the nostril. Ugh, it stings like a bitch. Between that, my eyes, and the general itchiness of my face, I don't want to do anything.

I've decided to change my plans for next year. If I come back to the university for fall semester, I can pick up a Cinema Studies minor and do a senior thesis. I decided both of those things would be good for me wanting to study French Film in grad school. I'll still go to Paris for spring semester and graduate afterward. This way I can get my health stuff figured out, improve my CV, and keep one part of my life constant for just a little bit longer. Plus, I'll have lots of opportunities to extend my stay in France: teaching assistant, au pair, graduate programs. When I first presented the idea to my mom, she argued with me about it. I talked to my French film professor to see if she had any advice, and she did. Later on, I got calls from both of my parents telling me that they would let this be entirely my call, and I should do what makes me happy. So unfortunately I have to talk to the study abroad coordinator and tell her again that I'm only going to go for a semester.

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