I got an e-mail today informing me that I'm getting some award from the French department, which really threw me off guard, since I haven't done anything to merit an award. This proves my favorite lyrics from one of my favorite songs ("Particle" by Better Than Ezra): Mediocrity's rewarded, set your standards low. They didn't say what sort of award I'm getting, or why I deserve it, so I'll be interested to find out. ETA: It's probably some bullshit award like "Semester GPA over 3.8" or some arbitrary number. Meh. If I win an award, I want it to be for something awesome, and I haven't done anything awesome.

These past several days have been really crummy. I haven't been on my thyroid medication (long story), and I got my Monthly Girly Thing™, so my hormones have been entirely out of whack, plus a whole boatload of emotional problems, plus deadlines and papers and all-nighters, plus CRAMPS so bad that I didn't eat anything for 2 days. Based on everything that's happened and the way I reacted to it, I'm honestly surprised that I'm still alive and alright. These past 4 days have been horrible, but I'm starting to see the spring break light at the end of the pain and misery tunnel.

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