Plant progress day:

Look at my little baby! I'm so proud of it.

For Valentine's Day, Talia and I are going to the Chinese buffet. Keeping the lesbian rumors alive, folks.

Watched Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin in one of my classes.

Here's an awkward situation I had today:
     I was sitting in the classroom for my animation class about 30 minutes before it began. There were a couple other people. This one guy comes in, and he asks us if we wouldn't mind looking at his portfolio. I guess he just recently decided he wanted to get into advertising, so he made up a bunch of fliers to pitch to a local tattoo parlor. The guy turned him down.
     And I can see why: the fliers were terrible. And I couldn't tell him that, because he had gone on bragging about how he had a knack for advertising, and how he was one of 5 people out of "like 700" to be selected to present his advertising project in a previous class. He was staring at me with a dumb, hopeful grin on his face. I gave him some bullshit compliment, because I can't be mean to someone's face. I can't even be honest to someone's face.
     It was stuff like babies giving the middle finger, and "Your tattoo won't look like [big picture of upside-down shit]", and Michael Jackson. Just utter shit. Jeez, it was as depressing as anything.

Back pain.

I didn't nap today.

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Taaalia said...

So...it turns out that I don't have to play this thing at Eastern Illinois on the 19th, so it's quite quite possible I may be able to "visit" you in Naperville that weekend.

We shall talk later. Just thought I would spastically leave a comment on your blog about it. Woo!