The other day, Talia and I went to Great Harvest, as we are wont to do, and like always they asked us if we would like a free sample from the bread board. Like always, they just asked without actually telling us what was on there. I hate that--pretty much all bread looks the same, and even if one bread has tiny green flecks, no one knows if it's oregano or basil or garlic or pesto or whatever the hell it is. I guess the guy working there agreed that all breads look alike, since he pointed to one loaf and called it Honey Whole Wheat. I thought Honey Whole Wheat would be a good ambassador for the chocolate butter, so I asked for that. After I got served (booya!), the guy left, this girl employee came up, and offered Talia a slice. Talia asked for the Cheddar Garlic, which happened to come from the very same loaf my Honey Whole Wheat had come from. I ate chocolate butter on Cheddar Garlic bread.

I ate chocolate butter on Cheddar Garlic bread.

Truth be told, it wasn't as horrifying as it sounds. The chocolate was overwhelming enough that I didn't really even taste the cheddar or garlic. But if you asked me to do it again, you'd have a hard time convincing me it would be tasty.

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