Today I woke up with a bad cold. My voice is coming and going.

I went to this one place to observe a class. I want to get an internship there with a French-as-a-second-language day camp. I had to sit in on a Spanish class, because French classes only happen on Monday and Saturday. I wish they had told me that when I made the appointment, because I know like 4 words of Spanish. It kind of sucked, and I don't think I have the job because they told me earlier that they really wanted a Spanish-speaker.

I started shredding the mountain of papers that my dad had in the basement. He said he'd pay me--that's the only reason I'm spending my time. The fact that I started shredding and have not yet stopped is an indication of just how many papers he has.

My almost-black hair is starting to grow on me. Pun intended. Pun definitely intended.

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Taaalia said...


I think I like the almost-black...though I honestly I liked your natural hair-color, too.

Also, we need to watch MST3k and eat good whenever we're both back. Because I miss that.