So of course with the success of LOTR and HP in holiday seasons past, we are moving on to Narnia as our fantasy epic moneymaker. In preparation, I started rereading the books. When I was young, I only got through The Magician's Nephew; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; and part of The Horse and his Boy. Last night I finished The Magician's Nephew, and I'm starting to remember why I didn't finish the series. The books are interesting, I suppose, but the characters are kind of boring. The characterization of Polly was pretty funny, how she's jealous and all that, but Digory? The cabby? Jadis? Etc.? Meh. They also don't seem to react to things in the way that real people do; "Oh, a talking lion? What will they think of next?" They just react to things in the way that stoic, static book characters react. I'll continue to read the series in case it gets any better (because, honestly, I don't remember anything about it besides the wardrobe and Turkish Delights), and I'll definitely at least read LWW because I kind of want to see the movie.

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Wow. I just left the most inane message on your voicemail. I hope you...enjoy it?

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