Yay: 3 pages of Judaism paper written in only a couple hours. Boo: 3 or 4 more pages to go. Yay: I still have stuff to talk about. Boo: I don't like writing opening or closing paragraphs. Yay: I will own this paper. Boo: I am owning this paper at the expense of my Fr Lit reading, my Structure of the Fr Lang homework, my two pieces for piano, and my Ling midterm. And at the expense of my health.

I bought some Nyquil last night and tried to swallow it. Those are friggen HUGE. Bobba the Hutt made fun of me because I couldn't do it. I informed him of my gargantuan tonsil that makes it hard for me to swallow lots of things. He just kind of seemed like, "uh-huh, yeah, sure, I bet...wuss." I don't think Bobba the Butt even sleeps in his own dorm room, which means he's paying money for something he never uses, which means he's wasteful and as long as he has money to be throwing around, he should chip in for rent, too.

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