I was hoping to lose some weight (~10 lbs.) this school year, since I don't have the constant temptation of 1) soft serve at every meal; 2) hot chocolate, eclairs, and chocolate-covered rice krispy treats at Late Night; 3) fries with nacho cheese; 4) pizza rolls; 5) soda. I've been eating fairly healthy (healthily?)--I eat a lot of fruit every day, and I drink a lot of water and orange juice. I also eat salads fairly often, and of course I'm obsessed with cheese (shredded cheese straight from the bag = the best/easiest snack ever). I need to start running as soon as it becomes NOT SO HOT outside. This winter I might have some surgery where I would be on a liquid diet for several weeks, so I'll probably lose some weight then. But then I'll probably gain it back because my metabolism will take forever to adjust. Oh well. I'm not unhappy with my current body; I just think I would look a little better if I lost 10 lbs.

Cassie sez: take it from me you are perfect!
Dear Cassie: I ♥ you. You know just what to say to make a girl feel good!

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Cassandra said...

take it from me you are perfect!