I am so crazy tired right now, but I am in the middle of a reading marathon. Exactly 100 pages to go...

I just opened this window and immediately forgot what I was going to say.

I remembered: I got a 95.41% on my Structure of the French Language midterm. That's what I wanted to blog about. My grade on a test. I'm so lame. I'm doing amazingly well in my classes for the amount of effort that I'm putting into them. Yay for me.

Here is my potential schedule for next semester. I am taking:
-FR 543 - French Studies - film
-FR 543 - French Studies - versions of America
-FR 479 - Studies in Francophonie - Quebecois literature
-CINE 381 - Black Women & Film
-CINE 247 - Animation
Don't let the IlliNexus thing fool you--that's 15 hours I have, not 13. It's not counting the different sections of 543 as separate classes, which they are. Look at how nice my schedule is--I can wake up at 9 every day, and I don't have any Friday classes. Next semester should be exciting. Wow: I don't have any classes in FLB next semester. I...think I'm going to cry. I will miss FLB, especially after having all of my classes but one in there this semester. I'll have to make special trips to sit in the hallways and read there...sigh. Okay, I'm a loser.

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d34dpuppy said...

ne vous tuez pas avec trop de travail dur à l'école ! et félicitations sur vos bonnes catégories