I was giving a presentation in one of my French classes, and Talia came to play a piece on the cello. When she finished, my prof asked, "Quel âge avez-vous?" (How old are you?) and Talia thought she asked, "How long have you been playing?" so she answered, "Douze ans," (twelve years). I corrected her and said, "Elle a dix-huit ans," (she's 18), "et elle joue du cello depuis quinze ans," (and she's been playing for 15 years). Talia got mad at me because she had actually been playing for a total of 17 nonconsecutive years, and I apologized, and she was like, "You should be sorry!"
     Then Nathan and I were signed up for MUS 100 together.
     Then I was going to see
Amélie at a free theater, but it ended up being a feature length production of Michel Gondry's "Junior et sa voix d'or" video for his band Oui Oui. I stayed for a second movie; this one was a monster movie starring Michael Jackson. I had to periodically leave the theater because the monsters (all having MJ's face) were too scary.
     Then I had to babysit some guy's baby. The baby was sweet and cute and all, but I didn't have a stroller or anything, and carrying it was starting to hurt my arms. I was supposed to meet Nathan at a cafeteria for lunch, but I couldn't find him, so I fed the baby peas.

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