Talia was playing a Haydn violin concerto (I don't think this particular one exists in real life), and she gave a pre-concert for a test audience. It was my job to stand onstage and turn the music for her. She got this really high trill exactly in tune; like it was the kind of high note where you have to bend your wrist at a really awkward angle and you don't have your thumb so much to anchor your hand to the fingerboard. Anyway, she got it in tune, and while she was playing it she gave me a look that said, "Dear Lord, I got this in tune, but WHY???" Afterwards, we ran into Allie, who was playing a Haydn cello concerto, and we went out for Thai, but Talia and Allie wouldn't let me speak because I wasn't playing a Haydn concerto.

Last night I had a dream that I pissed off Talia in some way. Talia: why are you in every. single. one. of my dreams?

I awoke this morning with a really sore throat, and a feeling like the tonsil in the back of my throat is even more swollen than normal. I feel like I don't even have any room to breathe. I bought a chloraseptic spray (is that what those are called?) and it tastes terrible, and some cough drops, and I'm going to call my ENT doctor on Tuesday (that's the only day she works). Arg.

This week I have 2 midterms, 1 paper, 1 oral exam, and 1 quiz. I'm not worried about the oral or the quiz, but I'm quietly freaking out about the midterms and paper. I'm really hoping that I don't feel even more sick this week than I do right now, cause that would be terrible.

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