Three things I should have posted about my sister for her birthday last week:

  • Instead of sucking her thumb, she sucked her first two fingers on her left hand. When she was sleeping (like in the car or in front of the tv or whatever), I would try to pull them out of her mouth. She would resist as much as possible. She was a strong 3-year-old when she was asleep.
  • When she was around 5 or 6, she thought "Vomit" was a perfectly legitimate name for a Barbie dog.
  • She's amazing at puzzles. When she was 7, she had a Rubik's cube. You'd tell her two colors, and a few minutes later she'd have those sides filled in completely. I don't think she had the patience to do the whole thing, although I bet she could have. She's also really good at those games where you have a square grid with tiles, and you have to move them around to get the picture or the sequence of numbers or whatever (like this).

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