So I had to reinstall Windows. I was able to save all my files and crap. I thought I was able to save all my programs too, but I can't get AIM to run. Now I have to download the newest version of AIM, which totally sucks ass. I liked my old ghetto AIM. Blah. I also had to reinstall Firefox and so I have to redo all my bookmarks. Poo.


Rob said...

You know how you changed your "My documents" folder and everything? Firefox bookmarks are probably stored in

C:\Documents and Settings\{Windows login/user name}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{Profile name}\

So if you changed your user name, your bookmarks aren't are still in the old folder. If you didn't have a password you should be able to navigate into it freely; if you did have a password you might not be able to. I'm not sure if you could use a "password cracker" if this is the case.

angie said...

Do you still have the same screen name? I've been looking for you online to say hi.

Kerry said...

When I did the Windows reinstall, I had to make new user accounts--I couldn't keep "Kerry" so I had to do a new one. I found the folder with all my IE bookmarks, which had a lot of the ones I still use (but hadn't been current in about a year), so that was helpful.

I do still have the same screen name but I just haven't been online much.