My second dream about Johnny Depp in less than 12 hours:
     I was in a department store. My mom had given me money to buy shoes and a dress for my cousin's wedding. I grew dizzy and passed out. When I came to, Johnny Depp was kind of crouching over me, taking my heart rate. He called the paramedics. When they left, he stayed with me, helped me finish shopping, and even took me home. I didn't want to let on that I knew who he was, so I thought about making some comment about a large Samoan lawyer and seeing if he reacted, but I couldn't think of anything clever and subtle enough. Johnny Depp and I started dating. He had not quite a beard, not quite a 5 o'clock shadow. He also had shoulder-length hair, and while normally I abhor long hair on men, he looked really hot with it.

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Cassandra said...

i need to start having your dreams