I've had a personals ad on Craig's List for two and a half weeks now. I mostly put it on for the hell of it, to see what responses I got. I figured it might be fun and I might go out a couple times, but I really didn't expect to meet anyone good from it. It's been a really interesting experience getting all those e-mails, though. I estimate I've gotten around 25-30. Some guys were interesting and I exchanged several e-mails, but then we just kind of stopped talking. No worries. Some guys were in their 30s, which was creepy and weird because I specifically mentioned that I'm 20. One guy got offended that I didn't comment on his picture, that I didn't say that he was a "total hotty" or whatever stupid thing. Dude had longass hair, longer than mine's ever been, and he clearly didn't condition. And he didn't shave either. And he was pasty. But like...who's that self-conscious that you need a complete stranger, one person out of billions, someone who's seen but one picture of you, to tell you that you're hot? I know that I'm not everyone's cup of tea. And I'm chill about it.

I got a new one tonight. This was creepy. It was a fucking 40 page manifesto. The second sentence included, "I'm seven inches cut." Um, guh? We're one sentence into this and then I learn about your penis? No sir. He also goes on to say that he enjoys very kinky sex. He also included a list of things I absolutely cannot do while I'm in a relationship with him, and one of those was that I cannot disagree with him. If his friends and he and I are having a conversation on abortion, I can't agree with his friends and disagree with him. His picture looked like a mugshot. His e-mail was so long and disjointed, and I didn't even read the whole thing. I did send him an e-mail back saying stuff that turned me off, and that maybe he should change it so as not to turn future girls off. I tried to be nice in the e-mail, but I have no idea if he'll take it like that. Oh well. He was really creepy.

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