I got a bee sting on my cheek. My face started getting red and swelling up. I went to the nurse's office (because I was in a high school or something) and asked for Benadryl, and they said there was no way I was allergic to bee stings, despite my now huge face. As punishment for wasting their time, I had to do a presentation on what it means when people are allergic to bee stings and how their bodies react. It was also yearbook photo day, and they made me get my picture taken anyway.
     Then I was playing keyboards for Fergie's (from Black Eyed Peas) solo project tour. We were in a big auditorium and I knew probably 75% of the people. I messed up in one spot, but no one noticed.
     Then I was on the set of LOTR because I had a small role. It was lunch break time and I was hanging out with Sean Astin, and I started getting confused as to whether his real name was Sam or Sean.

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