The amount of frustration I have is directly proportional to how much I want to crawl into bed and just sleep. I'm worrying about getting all my schoolwork done and also all the medical shit that's been going on, and now my computer's broken for I think the third time in the past 3 months. Tomorrow I'm going to call Toshiba's customer service and complain to them and see if they'll give me a new computer, since it's costing them money for my computer to keep getting repaired (due to a warranty). I'm so frustrated about everything and I'm freaking out and no one really has the time to listen because they're doing their own things. I don't want to be in school. It's only been a week and already I'm burned out. I can't concentrate on my reading. I hate it. I want to go home. I'm hungry all the time and I have almost no food here and it's 45-60 min each way just to the grocery store, and I don't have time to go there, and I keep spending money on food, and whatever I eat is not enough. I'm so burned out. I'm so tired. I nap every day, but one nap isn't enough. On Monday I took 2 naps, and I'm dangerously close to taking 2 naps today, despite the fact that I slept for 3 hours earlier. I hate this.

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