So I guess Allie misses me or something? According to Rob. And this is what Talia had to say about it: "but...yeah. if she 'missed you' she totally could have like...you know. knocked on our FRICKING DOOR AND SAID "HI" since she LIVED NEXT TO US." I like the way Talia thinks. You should maybe think about not ignoring and/or scorning your friends if you think you'll maybe miss them later. This is a life lesson I have learned, and now I'm passing it onto you. Imagine me making hand gestures symbolizing generosity right now. From me, to you.

Talia and I had a conversation about fake HTML for casual use.

I think I have a cavity. Boo.


Rob said...

To be fair to both Allie and myself, I said that she said "i feel bad", not that she said she missed you. I have no idea if the latter is true or not.

Kerry said...

This is true. My mistake.