I hung out with Talia today. Her town is different from my town. She has trees and a cool downtown area. We have...restaurants. And yuppie stores like The Gap and Eddie Bauer. Jealousy. But it was awesome. And I got the sheet music for Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 5 because I am in musical love with the second movement. Also we went to this awesome record shop (I wish we had record shops here) and I got a couple of Ted Leo & the Pharmacists albums. I was going to get Who's Next on vinyl, but I didn't. Does that make me a bad person? Enough about what I bought. Hanging out with Talia was cool. I am a little sad, however, that I did not get to see her family dynamic, because I bet it would be so awesome. Talia also burned me a few CDs, 2 with random Talia-weird-stuff and one of Shiina Ringo, who I am now hooked on thanks to her. Squee!

My parents and I went to Swedish Days in Geneva tonight. We were standing in line for a funnel cake or whatever, and the two most annoying people were standing in front of us. They were all PDA and shit, and acting like 7-year-olds, hitting each other with water bottles and giggling and bumping into people and basically having no respect for my sanity. Because I hate people like that. Anyway the girl was like, "I'm going to wait over there while you pay, baby," and so she did and the guy turned around and was all, "Sorry, she gets kind of hyper." But we just ignored him because my mom rules. It's like, if you acknowledge she's annoying to the point that you feel you have to apologize for it, then why don't you do anything about it? Why do you play along? People are idiots. It was funny cause girlfriend was like 8 inches taller than him. And they were both like hideous-looking, so it's cute that a pair of troglodytes found each other and are happy, or something. I just wish that I didn't have to witness it.

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