My brother, sister, and I were home alone. I had gotten a phone message from my mom saying not to give out our library card numbers to a company called Dowager, cause they were a fake company and giving out your library card number would result in identity theft. Right after that message from my mom was a message from Dowager, wanting my library card info. The message was from a lady who was a real bitch. I started to get creeped out a bit.
     Then, there was a knock at the back door. The blinds are broken on that door, so you can pretty much see into the kitchen, front hallway, and some of the family room. There was a man who was about 6'6". I ran to the farthest part of the family room, where I thought he couldn't see me, and crouched into a little ball underneath an afghan. He kept knocking. Then he walked around to the side of the house, near the tall windows that I was laying near. I figured that they were too high up for him, but he grew to over 8' tall. He looked in those and saw me. I froze and pretended to be sleeping. He kept tapping on them and I closed my eyes tighter and tried to ignore him.
     Just then, I could kind of see in my head what was happening even though my eyes were closed. It was the kind of cinema technique where there's a freeze frame but you don't see the entire image at first, and then they pan over so you can kind of see the punchline, all while the image itself is static. In this case, I saw a grainy picture of myself curled up, and then it panned over to reveal that the man had quietly removed the glass in the tall window and was reaching in to get me. His hands were inches away. Then I opened my eyes and he seized me and held me up to lift me through the window, and I screamed. About 50 feet behind the man was a hobo, and I shrieked like crazy and asked him to do something. He pulled out a gun and shot the man. I thanked him profusely and said I would do anything. He told me he just wanted a meal and a new winter coat.
     So I made the guy some quesadillas and stuff, and the police came to find out what happened, and I made them some too, and all the neighbors who had been gawking came over and demanded food. My sister kept making more and more food. All I wanted to do was call my mom, who was at work, but I was too busy watching over the uninvited guests. These two little girls had each taken like five quesadillas but had only eaten a few bites, and they were ready to throw them away. They came into the house and I told them to throw them on the garbage. They started to scrape them onto the floor and I was like, "Does that look like the fucking garbage? Do you do that kind of fucking shit at home?" I looked at their mother and said, "Do these fucking monsters not know what a garbage is? Do you allow this type of fucking disgusting activity at home? I was nearly kidnapped and raped, and I'm very shaken up, so I can use words like this." The little girls were now putting all their chewed bubble gum on the floor. I asked the lady, "Who the fuck are you, anyway?" And she was all indignant, and replied, "Vonda," like I was such a moron for not knowing. And I was like, "And who the fuck is
Vonda?!" And then she started to sing lyrics from pop songs, like she was being all prophetic. I told her to get the fuck out of my house. She stopped singing, walked over and looked at my prom photo, and said with a tear in her eye, "I always did like black prom dresses." I replied with a sneer, "Mine was navy blue," and slammed the door as she left.

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