Conversation that needs to be shared: (edited for clarity)
me: If Jesus had a dog, what kind do you think he'd have?
Andy: A mutt.
me: Ooooh, good answer. I was going to say golden retriever, cause those dogs are invariably nice and gentle. I think you won that round
Andy: Heh. What can I say?
me: What would Jesus name his dog?
Andy: Ooh tougher question. Judas.
me: I thought the same exact thing for a minute! I swear.
Andy: It's a solid answer if you ask me.
me: Then I changed my answer to "Trouble" cause then Jesus could say, "Here comes Trouble!" and all the disciples would chuckle.
Andy: ...to show that despite his treachery, he still loves him.
me: I had the exact same reason for Judas. Damn. Get outside my head.

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