Yesterday Cassie and I sang along to Newsies. Because we're just that cool. (Shut up. We are.) And then she introduced me to the greatness that is Gene Kelly's 40-year-old ass. English scientists use it to calibrate instruments! Mmm.

Today I went to Madison again and walked around campus. It's very nice. I think I want to go there for grad school. I also have been considering my spring semester abroad, and instead of that I'm thinking I want to just graduate a year early and then do this year-long teaching program in France where I teach English to kids.

The awesomeness of Andy, manifest in the English language:
Okay, so you know those names for groups of animals, like a murder of crows and whatnot? Andy came up with these two:
A flush of goldfish
A crack of plumbers
And that's why we love Andy!

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Taaalia said...

Oh my god! Newsies! I wish I could have been there.