Today my dad and I went to eat at Bobak's, this Polish buffet. And they were playing Radiohead's OK Computer. Which marks the second time I've been out to eat with my father and heard strains of this album over a PA system. The first time was at Espresso Royale a few years ago, and they were playing a string quartet cover album, which...you haven't heard "Paranoid Android" until you've heard a string quartet cover it. It makes me want to keep playing violin, just so I can do awesome stuff like that.

Then my mom asked me if I've lost weight, 'cause I look "trimmer". I haven't. I've maintained. I've actually gained weight since I graduated HS, I think. But within the past year, I've maintained. I can pretty much eat anything, or not eat anything, and I'll stay within a couple of pounds of my weight.

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