My parents and I went to Madison today. I've never been there, or at least not when I've been old enough to remember. I went there as a baby, but that doesn't count. It's gorgeous. If I had been familiar with that town before I applied to college, I definitely would have applied there. I want to go to grad school there. I like how it's a decent-sized town; I'm sick of how Champaign-Urbana is in the middle of nowhere. I went to Urban Outfitters and got this awesome batik hoodie, and it was on sale because the print was messed up or something--there was supposed to be a flower on the upper left side but there wasn't, but I didn't care. I also got a gorgeous suede messenger bag. It's so soft. And then my family stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way home, and I got a shirt that said, "Good things sprout in small packages" and has Sprout (the Jolly Green Giant's nephew or whatever) on it. It's awesome. Stuff is awesome.

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Taaalia said...

Madison is really cool, from the few hours I spent there last summer. I feel similarly about Champaign-Urbana, and considering the fact that I've lived in Normal for all my life, that's not saying much about C-U. We'll have to take road-trips to the little tiny farming communities in order to humble ourselves to the fact that we don't live in a farm-house. Or something.

Yay, Cracker Barrel!