I had a dream about my French lit prof (who's also the head of the department), but I don't really remember the specifics.

Last night Talia and I watched an MST3K with Joel. I used to really prefer Joel, but then I hadn't seen an episode with him in a long time. And we watched like 8 million episodes with Mike. And now I think Mike's better. But Joel looks kind of like Thom Yourke so I don't know where I stand.

But then like right after the movie I started to get this really terrible cramp in my right side. And I was like, what the hell? 'Cause I just sat around all day and didn't exert myself physically at all. But then I started to get that familiar pain when I passed a kidney stone fragment back in March. So I took phenazopyridine and Vicodin and I was able to get some rest.

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