Someone invited me to a Halloween party. I had nothing to wear, so Jeremy (a guy from work) told me to wear some settlement clothes, put some soot on my face, and say that I was a stowaway on a pirate ship. I did that and got to the party, and people were like, "How many Halloweens in a row are you going to wear that dress for?" And then I felt bad.
     Then Cassie invited me to a party, and Rob was there. And he was smoking. I kept making mean remarks about what an idiot he was to start smoking. He started to mention this philosophy class he wanted to take, and I said, "Is it for people who smoke? You know, they dumb it down? Cause anyone who smokes cigarettes has to be a moron." He got mad at me and yelled (cause I wasn't supposed to be talking to him, just like in real life) and I left.
     Then I wanted one of those popsicles with the cream in the middle. We didn't have any, and my mom got upset cause we had just eaten dinner but I was still hungry. I yelled at her, "You can't slop meat and vegetables on a plate and call it a meal!"
(I really want one of those popsicles now)
     Then my mom was going to take me to the pool we used to swim at in West Lafayette. She said, "There are just a few people coming with," but it turned out that people kept filing out of the house to get into the car. There ended up being 25 people, and my mom said we could all fit if some people sat on the floor in the van. I was doing something in the garage, like cleaning something up, and one lady climbed into the driver's seat of the van. She was doing the standard 11-point turn that comes with turning my van around in the driveway, but she kept pulling into the garage. Each time, she kept pulling closer and closer--she was looking behind her, cause she was an idiot. Then she kind of tapped me. I got mad, because there was no reason that she should have hit me, so I started calling her a bitch. She started putting some water from her water bottle in her mouth and then spitting it on me. I started doing the same thing, except I had soda. She got mad, and my mom sent me to my room because I had ruined this lady's sweater. I was really upset and I wanted to call Andy to complain, but then I remembered I left my phone in the car, and they were probably gone by then. I was scared that the people would steal my phone and start making obscene calls on it. I ran downstairs to use my brother's or my sister's phone, but it turned out my mom was standing there with my beach bag. She offered to play catch with me (with a wiffle ball) to make me feel better.

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Cassandra said...

hmm, i think the spitting thing is the best part of that dream