Talia's sister moved to CU, and Talia and I went to visit her. Then I was telling Talia about that dream, and she was like, "Yeah, you're weird." Then I asked her to play a duet with me, because one of my French profs was defending a dissertation and she needed some music for when people were coming and going. We picked a duet by some guy named Companelli, and I was like, "It's hard to play his music because he's not very well-known, so you can't find recordings." I decided that I didn't play very well, so I recruited one of our friends, Justin, to play. He played even worse than me, but I didn't want to tell him. He decided at the very last minute that he wanted to quit, so I had to step in and it kind of sucked cause all of a sudden I couldn't count 8th notes. Talia was wearing a shirt that said Coca-Cola backwards, capris, and socks pulled up mid-calf. Heh. We played the duet, and afterwards my prof came up to thank us, but she never actually thanked us or said anything nice. And also, she called me Kristen.

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Taaalia said...

Oh man. That's...definitely an awesome dream.