Anti-Valentine's Day Manifesto

Boycott Valentine's Day. Boycott the idea behind it. Boycott everything it stands for. Boycott the consumerism. A holiday that only serves to give people grief. If you're not in a relationship, Valentine's Day makes you wish you were in one so someone could shower you with presents on this one special day. And you also wish you were in a relationship because seeing all of those couples cooing at each other makes you sick to your stomach. If you are in a relationship, you feel pressured to spend money on the other person, and you know that you're going to have to spend a lot and be damn creative. (This usually applies to the man in a heterosexual relationship.) If you are the woman in a heterosexual relationship, you will be depressed because your partner didn't spend enough money on you, and your friends' partners all spent more on them. And if your partner did spend more money on your than your friends' partners spent on them, you feel smug. Fuck that. Money != love. And there shouldn't be just one day where you tell people and show them that you love them. That should be a constant thing, something that you do every day of your life. If you are relying on Valentine's day and money and all of that red and pink crap at the Hallmark store, or all of that sparkly crap at the jewelry store, then you're not doing it right. You should spend every day of your life making at least one person feel special. Do that with your words and actions, and not with your wallet. Don't give in. Don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

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