What I did over my winter vacation...

First two weeks:
Work hard for the money. Oh yes. Ohhhh camp.

Second two weeks:
Doctors' appointments galore. Our final count: 14. IVs: 3, two in the left hand, one in the left arm. I'll just tell the interesting stuff. I have sleep apnea. Last Thursday I went to have my kidney stone lithotripsied. The doctors were pretty much jerks. (For some reason my doctor didn't perform the procedure.) I had to fast for 24 hours before this procedure. I was so hungry that night, but too weak to make myself anything. My mom and Steve came through for me; my mom by making Italian stir fry, and Steve by bringing me some awesome Wendy's.

Then on Saturday I went to have a biopsy of my lingual tonsil. Apparently it's really swollen, and it's blocking 90% of my airway, which is probably causing my sleep apnea. So I went in and they said they would have to put the breathing tube in while I was still awake. This idea scared the hell out of me, but it turned out that I was so sedated that I didn't know what the hell was going on; I don't remember it at all. Anyway, before that, they had to numb my trachea. They gave me a shot in the throat. That hurt so bad. I had to hold my breath, and they gave me a shot in the throat, and sprayed some stuff into my trachea. That made me cough so hard. While the needle was still in my throat. Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have a small black and blue spot on my throat. I get the preliminary results of the biopsy back tomorrow (technically today), bright and early.

I'm on too many medications now (final count: 5). I had to order a medic alert bracelet; it should arrive by the end of this week. I have to get a CPAP machine. Hopefully mine will be less obtrusive than the one in the picture.