I skipped my first class today: Intro to Hinduism. I opted for a nap of the 2.5-hour variety. Ultimately a wise choice.

Dream I had during my nap:
I was at my house in Indiana, with the same next-door neighbors and everything. It turned out Gwen Stefani was eating dinner with the next-door neighbors. My dad went over and invited them all over for coffee. They came, and I invited Steve over [it should be noted that Steve is a real-life Gwen Stefani fan]. I told him to go introduce himself to Gwen, and I would get a picture of them. He said, “No, no, I couldn’t do that,” but I pushed him and finally he accepted me and thanked me for being understanding about that sort of thing. He was also crying a little. It turned out he was too shy to go up and talk to her [it should be noted that Steve is totally unlike this in real life]. Gwen Stefani was wearing a dumpy, shapeless green sweater and khakis. She was bored with our plebian existence, so she left shortly after she came.

Steve had a birthday in October. I ordered him a couple books, but I had them accidentally shipped to my dorm address from freshman year (because Amazon has that as my default address, cause one of the two us is stupid, and it’s not me). I went to Busey-Evans to see what would happen when they got the books, and the desk clerk told me that they would forward them to me right away. Steve’s birthday came and went, and I ended up buying the books again from B&N or something so that I would actually have something to give him. I couldn’t cancel the Amazon order because it had already shipped before I noticed the address problem, but I couldn’t send the books back for a refund because I didn’t have them in my possession. Anyway, all of this happened in October. Today I finally received the package with the books I bought Steve. Four months later. I hate the university.

Last Friday Steve and I went to the Grand Lux, my favorite restaurant. We had two loaves of complimentary bread. Then I ate a whole pizza; it was elliptical in shape, with the long part being about 12” and the short part being about 6”. Then we got the New Orleans beignets, which are heavenly. They’re like funnel cakes but spongier, and about the size of a billiard ball. Steve bet me I couldn’t eat 5. The terms of the bet were that when I won, he would have to do a naked lap around the Tribune building. I don’t know what I would have had to do had I not been able to eat 5. It should be noted that he was only able to eat 3 beignets, and then he was just too full. After my third, he told me to stop, because he didn’t want me to get sick. I kept right on going, and finished all 5. I had to sit for a few minutes and digest, but I didn’t get sick. After that, we had a little less than 30 minutes to make it between the Grand Lux (on Michigan and Ontario) and Union Station before our train left. And it’s about a 25-minute speedwalk. So we were speedwalking/jogging through several inches of snow, trying to make it back on time. But at least I didn’t lose my dinner.

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