Kirstin got a board game where you had to figure out how the cast members of Seinfeld would dance in certain situations. Like, "George is at an office party. He desperately wants a raise. Suddenly, Devo's 'Whip It' starts playing. How would George dance?" And then you have to demonstrate. Anyway so Kirstin and I were setting up and for some reason there were a few Guess Who boards, so we decided to play that too. But instead of the regular ones like Claire, Max, David, etc. there were new ones, and they were more "urban" like Tyrone and Latesha. And we didn't have the same people on the two boards, so that made it impossible to play.
And then I had to go in for a sleep study, but they gave me something that would make me vomit all night long. It was hellish; I could feel the vomit coming out my nose. And then it was all over and the tech was like, "Good, good, but we didn't get all of the necessary data, so you'll have to stay and do the same thing over tonight, as well."

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